Saturday, June 08, 2013

Pre Nursery Schools Franchise in Delhi NCR

Bless Kids Preschool franchise programs and parents to access all the important preschool information online. All the preschool curriculum’s practiced in the modern preschool education system for play group, nursery and Kindergarten KG level classes offer a well planned learning schedule for teaching the kids, children with essentials of joy, fun, games, basic learning activities, entertainment and care.

This primary level education is very important and plays a major role in a child’s life, laying the foundation and shaping the entire life. Preschool education program is designed and developed in a way to make a child feel interested in the easy learning process and is encouraged to grasp the basic fundamentals easily in a fun filled joyous environment of a preschool.

There are many different preschool methodologies and curriculum in practice all over the world, the most popular methodologies includes Montessori, Play way and Kindergarten Schools.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pre Schools Curriculum India

A preschool curriculum is the most important in determining the way a child learns all the features included in pre school curriculum are important including the methodology and an effective implementation. With joy, fun, games, essential activities, entertainment, basic learning and care. Preschool education curriculum is always designed and developed in a way to make a child feel encouraged to learn and grasp the fundamentals easily in a fun filled joyous environment of a preschool.

Early childhood learning is the most important aspect of life because almost 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5 years and thus the need to make the most of the early years to shape the future of a child. Participation is the key need at the preschool level, which can be brought out with days wherein parents can also volunteer with their creative ability and it is great to organize fun events like Cooking, Baking or Festive Decoration where children love the participation of parents.

Nursery curriculum can include the introduction to Alphabets, Fruits, Vegetables, Numbers in a very interactive way. This can be done with teaching aids and flash cards. It is also good to know that the national days or events can be followed so that children learn about our tradition and culture in the most convenient way.

Bless Kids Preschool publishes the early childhood learning curriculum's developed by different educational organizations and independent educators, an important reference for the parents, teachers, educators and the Bless Kids schools alike. There are many different preschool curriculum's in practice in the modern preschool education system for Bless Kids group, nursery and Kindergarten KG level learning, These curriculum's offer a planned schedule for teaching the kids, children of ages 2 - 6 Years.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Pre School Franchise Business Opportunity

Bless Kids Pre-school franchise business opportunity to the entrepreneurs with an invitation to be a part of the fastest growing Indian education sector. The Bless Kids franchise pre-schools can offer the play group school, nursery school and Kindergarten - KG school programs developed by BLESS KIDS.

Bless Kids invites the entrepreneurs teachers, women entrepreneurs, individuals, institutions, registered societies and the owners of the individual primary nursery elementary schools in cities and towns to be part of the India’s fastest growing chain of pre-schools by establishing ‘BLESS KIDS’ brand of franchise play school. The pre-school franchise seekers must have a strong desire to make a difference to the society and sincerity towards the noble profession of providing high quality early childhood education at affordable costs with BLESS KIDS. 

Investment Required For Bless Kids Preschool Franchise:

1. For Preschool Franchise in TIER I Cities in India - Rs. 2,30,000

2. For Preschool Franchise in TIER II Cities in India - Rs. 2,00,000

3. For Preschool Franchise in TIER III Cities in India - Rs. 1,70,000

4. For Preschool Franchise in Towns & Rural Areas - Rs. 95,000 to 1,40,000.

Bless Kids Preschool Franchise Investment Cost Includes:

Basic infrastructure cost for Pre-school, Essential educational material, Gadgets, Toys for Play school, Equipments for Pre-school, Library, Essential play school furniture and special Fixtures, Digital board, Educational and Pre school Management Software, Entertainment Kit, Local advertisement material and Pre school Franchise fee.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bless Kids Pre-School

Bless Kids is Pre School Program offering the kids a blissful learning environment to help nurture their blessed skills resulting in an all-round growth, natural and graceful. A blissful environment, where a rose can grow as a rose, a lotus can grow as a lotus and a sunflower as a sunflower, in their entirely perfect individual beauty.
A blissful environment where a preschool kid interested in pictures can dream and grow to become a photographer, a kid interested in drawings and colors can dream and grow to become a painter, a kid interested in building blocks can dream and grow to become an engineer. A blissful preschool environment, offering a spirit of freedom, valuable support, encouragement and guidance to help nurture the kids in dreaming and blossoming further to their perfect individual beauty and to be able to bless the entire humanity some day with their individually blessed creative skills.
Bless Kids is a growing Chain of Play Schools in India offering play group, nursery and Kindergarten level of the early childhood learning programs with the highest priority given to the right cultural and social values, care, love and protection during the essential learning process of the tender growing up years.
Bless Kids, promoted by Bless Education is an international, Early Childhood Learning Program developed by KIDS themselves, observed and compiled by the senior educators after years of research and development.
The highly experienced educators at Bless Kids endeavor to provide an exciting, fun filled, safe and non-competitive environment for the Preschool Kids, a learning campus filled with love, warmth, care and kindness where every child can realize, learn, grow and develop their individual potential blissfully through rich variety of activities.
The kids at Bless kids are blessed by their Gurus- teachers with a perfectly balanced overall growth environment needed for the development of a healthy body, mind and soul, including all the important aspects of the growing up years – Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical and Social.